Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On TV, shopping & ice cream

Ok, so it's the last week before school starts. A lot happened today- it's TAX FREE shopping day in Georgia and so what a great reason (I mean excuse) to go out on the town.. ha ha... No DAD, we did NOT go to Walmart this time.. (was there 2 days ago :)
Anyway the girls and I get to the mall, head to the food court for lunch and as we were deciding on what to get at Chick-Fil-A a camera man and his crew from WTVM (the local news station) stop and start asking if they could interview me... yes me... oh and did I mention I'm so glad I had my shower last night- ha ha ha... anyway, I answered their questions (what we were going to buy today, why were we taking advantage of this tax free shopping time and if we had any concerns)... I answered most questions thoughtfully but I felt he was wanting more.. I wish I was clever and had great quotes like my other blogging friend (dreamsofacountrygirl.blogspot.com) but I don't so I just answered well we need sneakers, shorts, skirts and school supplies... HOW BORING IS THAT!!! Anyway then I said, "no we have no worries, we love crowds it's fun to fit in".... NOOOOTTTTTTTT!!!!!.. what was I thinking? I asked my eldest at lunch, why did I say that, we don't like crowds- i despise crowds... I guess my point is, when a camera is stuck in your face at the spur of the moment- do you speak your mind or try to come up with the right words that might sound good on camera? I did the latter and I just don't know why... oh well.. we'll be on at 6pm if you are in the area and want to check out the interview... oh and after our "hard" day of shopping we had to stop for Dairy Queen on the way home to celebrate narrowing down our shopping needs and being on tv... until next time... stay tuned :)


Jonatha said...

That is hilarious! I can totally see myself saying the same things. I always say stupid things when put on the spot and then later on I think of something nice and intelligent to say. I'm sure you looked great!

Anonymous said...

I knew there was a celebrity in the family! What happened to the "I'm gonna get back on program"...Dairy Queen? I know, I had ff at lunch! Love ya! Momefh