Friday, February 29, 2008

Redneck Date???

Bill called me and said "hey honey, how about a redneck date".... of course I am thinking well we missed our special anniversary date last weekend so why not try for this weekend... So I called the sitter and she said "YES!!!!" AMEN!! So, although it's not the Olive Garden, we are going out tomorrow night to the race track in Alabama. No, it's not the Daytona 500... it's a DIRT track so I guess that constitutes his description of a "redneck date"??? Anyway, I'll try to take pictures and let you know how it goes. Any date is better than none, right........????? :-)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Anniversary update

Hi all,

Thank you for your wonderful opinions and thoughts on our 13th anniversary. I'm writing to tell you that we did what we usually do and that is go out and eat. But I chose the place "Olive Garden", my most favorite ever place!! And yes we took the girls with us, and our dinner conversation consisted of where we were going on vacation (by ourselves) so we had a little peace in that we had hopes of someday having a long weekend away with a little quiet, and I realize that may sound a little selfish- but you must understand that we live in a state with no family near us. Most people are blessed that they have close relatives near by that they can just drop their kids off on the spur of the moment or on a much needed night out. I have to say though as the days past right after our anniversary I got to thinking more and more that I'm glad my children were with me at that dinner, because there won't be a lot more years I'm sure that they are all little and all at one place at one time to celebrate this occasion with us- so I'm thankful for the chance to have them here while I can!! Here is a quick photo of Bill and I at the restaurant and one of my youngest, Katelynn, who loves to get dressed up and is always ready to smile for the camera!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bathroom battle

Oh I SOOOOOO thought I was out of the wiping hiney stage and I know I am we are just having a setback, but I need some wise council from all you moms out there on how to handle the 4 year old holding it in. For the last week she has been on this thing where she is holding in her poopie, which therefore leads to messes in panties and constant wiping and cleaning dried up (well you know) off the forementioned hiney. I'm extremely tired of doing this- to say the least and she refuses to stop. Nothing I've done so far to persuade her to start being a big girl again has helped, so send me your smart saves here and I'll be ever so grateful!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Hi all- just a quick update. We received notice last night that the school has discovered who wrote that on the wall and are handling the situation. Thank you for your prayers!

Friday, February 22, 2008

No Brainer- Or NOT???

Ok, I thought I knew right away what my answer was and I'm still pretty sure I know what it is- but let me toss this out there into cyber space and see what your opinions are. Here in our area today they are very opinionated among the people at school and I'd like to hear what you have to say.
Last night we received a phone call from the Superintendant of schools for our county (One of the very best in the state I might add!) that there had been "a situation" at my daughter's middle school and they needed to make us aware. The message stated that 2 females had found the message "IF YOU THINK VIRGINIA TECH WAS BAD JUST WAIT TILL FEBRUARY 28TH", written on the girls bathroom wall. Immediately procedures were being implimented to secure the school, police were called in to make searches, K9 sniffing dogs were brought in and paraded around, cell phones were confiscated to check students text messages to see if anyone had "talked" about the message they had left, etc, etc. The phone message went on to say that school will remain open on the 28th, and they are confident they are doing everything in their power to find the person(s) who wrote this disgusting threat and get to the bottom of it.
My first instinct and my husbands and daughter's was that she will be absent next Thurs, the 28th, no matter what. I can only hope and pray that this was someone's cruel sick joke and that no real threat is pending. I ask that you pray for Harris County Middle school and the student that wrote this message. I truly hope that this person comes forward and admits their error and begs forgiveness. I believe in prayer and know that the more we have the better!
So, what would you do- send them to school knowing that God will protect them or keep them home just to be even more on the safe side? I'm sure the parents of Virginia Tech students didn't expect their day to end like that and they had no warnings......

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Anniversary to-do's.....

Ok, I need help. My one and only babysitter has cancelled on me 2 days before I planned our 13 year anniversary dinner and night out date.. Yes I said "I" planned it-- see Bill doesn't know how to do these things! Anyway back to the subject... i need some creative help from my many dear sisters out there of things to do on your 13th anniversary with 3 kids in tow. If I can get at least 13 ideas, maybe i can use one of them!! So show me what your creative, talented minds can do and send me your best options.... After the weekend is over I'll let you know how it went.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Working mommy

Hi all-
I just wanted to tell you that today was my first day as a substitute at the girls school. I really enjoyed it and now remember why I always wanted to be a teacher.. Maybe I'll have to go back to school .... oh honey......
Anyway, they've asked me back for tomorrow, so we'll hope that tomorrow is a little more productive. I told Bill when they called me this morning that "so sorry but no laundry done today" and he said "that's ok- you're a working woman now"... so I guess that means I'm free of laundry tomorrow too-- not!! It will have to be done or we will be walking around stinkin :)
Hope everyone has had a great Valentine's day!
Oh, and the para pro (teacher's asst.) only sent 4 of them to the principal's office today... YIKES!! I hope they act a little better tomorrow.
See ya!

Monday, February 11, 2008


Well I have to write because I need some motivation I guess. I'm stuck in a rut about this weight loss process. Here's the deal.. I do great during the week but when the weekend comes and it's time to go out to dinner (we don't always, but have the last 2 weekends), then I do horrible! The other thing is that I have a gym membership but it's 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back and it just cost too much in gas to go all that way. I know I need the work out and therefore the trip would be worth it to my body and health, but it would not be beneficial for my wallet to spend that much in gas to get there.
So I guess you can see where I'm at. I have lost 9 pounds but it's taken 1 and 1/2 months to do so. I do have to say, when I went for my annual checkup the other day the gyno said wow you've shed some pounds since last year... so that was a "aha" moment!
I guess I'm just wishing I had more will power and that I had more motivation. Any incentive or ideas you can give are always welcome!! Thanks!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


1st photo- Rachel is in center of shot, 2nd row down from top.
Rachel is in front left of the group of 5 standing.

Rachel out in front of GA performing arts center- Atlanta, GA.

Rachel in hotel room practicing her music. Daddy trying to join in on the fun. We told him to keep his day job :) ha ha.

I've had some of you asking how Rachel's concert went this weekend and I've just been lazy about getting it on here. So now, here it is. The performance was great. There were probably between 3500-4000 people in attendance. Rachel was 1 of 5 chosen out of about 500 students to perform in a solo part. She got to go to the front of the stage and sing with the other four. She did an awesome job if I do say so myself. We've been fortunate to be able to go and see her in these All State performances the last 2 years. I'm going to add some photos now, none of them were real close up because we just couldn't get closer while they were performing and they are a little dark in some shots, but at least you'll get the idea.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blankie update

To my friends- YIPPEE!!! We made it!!! When Katelynn got home from school today she said," mom I just want to get my blanket for a minute" and went to the garbage can, I then said, "no, it's yucky now (like it wasn't before ha)" and so she said ok! Then at bedtime, she looked up and said "mom I'm ok if you want to throw away all other blankets, I'm a big girl now and i just don't need it"- then she said oh and I want to be a girl scout when I turn 5. She was asleep in about 5 minutes, no crying- nothing!! YEAH!! Oh and I won't throw away others as they are for warmth- they are not a crutch like that pink one was. Good night!


Ok, this morning was one of those times when you feel like your babies are leaving the nest, so to speak. Of course mine haven't left the nest, but they've left the womb and they are not too many years away from flying the coop, or is that me that fly's the coop?? ha ha

We have been telling Katelynn (4 years old) for a long time now that her pink blanket needs to go. One time I did manage to take it away (not get rid of it- but hide it) for a whole week, but then I had to go out of town and felt that she definitely would need it while I was gone, so it found it's way back into her hands. A couple months later "pink blankie " got lost in Walmart- I tried and tried to find it and even went back the next day, but no such luck- I guess because of the stains, holes, and smells Walmart didn't feel that it belonged on their shelf and so it must have been tossed. Well the next day Katelynn was telling one of my friends about her "loss" and lo and behold my friend's daughter had the same EXACT pink blankie that she no longer used and offered it to Katelynn-(her's was in MUCH better condition though). So of course Katelynn was in heaven now that she had "her" blankie back again.
Well last night I tried to take it one more time- you would have thought that the world fell in or that an alligator bit her or something (YES can you picture that!!). I have never seen a child cry so badly. Mommy (me) was trying to reason with Katelynn on why this smelly, torn, stained piece of cloth was no longer good and just that at 4 years old she didn't need it. Daddy in the background is giggling because of Katelynn's response and then he gives me this look like "just one more night"... SO, because I must save this child from going to school today with bloodshot eyes and swollen cheeks I give in, but tell Katelynn that she may have this one more night but that is it- absolutely it will go bye bye tomorrow (Today)! She said, "yes mommy, just this night and that is all".
This morning as I was trying to get Rachel out to the bus, fix lunches, etc., here comes Katelynn out of her room, still in her jammies with pink blankie in hand, she turns the corner into the kitchen with the walk of being on a mission, she says "I have something to do and gives the biggest sigh I've heard ever from her", she gets to the trashcan and yes you guessed it... SHE DUMPS BLANKIE IN!!! It took everything I had not to cry. I was both proud of her and sad for her at the same time- do you know that feeling???? If you are a mom (or dad) I'm sure you do. Anyway, I immediately fell to my knees and hugged her and didn't want to let go. By the way- she was totally fine, she said that it was the last night and now it needed to go.... OH MY!! How big and brave she was!
I wish I was prepared for such a morning and had camera in hand, but of course I didn't, so all I can do is blog this to you so you can share in Katelynn's accomplishment and mommy's disbelief.
If you wonder why you spent all this time reading this blog about a blankie- maybe, just maybe it's because you are a mom and you know those moments that touch your heart and soul.
To everyone reading, please have a blessed day and hope for the best at bedtime tonight in this household!

Monday, February 4, 2008