Wednesday, February 25, 2009

14 years and counting

This photo was taken a year ago, but it's the only one I had on my laptop (which I'm using at the moment).
It all started about 15 years ago. Mutual friends thought they'd try to set up Bill and I, before I even knew there was a "Bill", he knew my name, age, what I looked like, where I lived, everything.. When we finally met he asked me out, I said no..., he asked again a few days later, I said ok.. a couple days later I cancelled, he asked again, I said ok... a couple days later I cancelled, he asked again, I said ok... a couple days later...YOU GUESSED IT- I cancelled... finally I think I felt so bad and he was such a persistant man that I went to his work to ask him if he'd go out with me.... but before I could get the words out, he asked one last time (and he tells me to this day that it would have definitely been the last time).. anyway I agreed. We went to the Outback Steakhouse and to a movie-- guess what he fell asleep during the movie- must of been tired out from all the rejection and finally had a moment to rest and bask in the glory that he was finally sitting next to me in a dark place.. HA HA HA!!!
Long story shortened for your reading pleasure- 3 daughters, many many pets, many trials later here we are 14 years married today! I love him and he loves me and we are excited for another 14 years!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Sunday & Missing Tooth

Just some ramblings because, well, I'm bored.
It's superbowl Sunday. That probably deserves to all be capitalized but you see I'm not into football- in fact it is probably the hardest sport for me to endure! I have no interest and luckily neither does my hubby, except of course until it's time for a big game- like today's. So we were invited to a friends' house tonight for a party and so we shall go. Invitations are far and few between of places we actually get to go and mingle with other adults, so we are looking forward to our evening. The kiddo's will also have lots of other kiddo's there to play with so all should be good. Oh and did I mention food- well of course, what is a party without food- so that is another plus! I told you there is no real reason for this post- other than to "ramble"... ha ha.
Oh my baby (my sweet Katelynn) lost her first tooth today- BUT she can't find it- she thinks she might of swallowed it while eating her sandwich at lunch.... this ought to be fun! She sure looks cute though!