Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On TV, shopping & ice cream

Ok, so it's the last week before school starts. A lot happened today- it's TAX FREE shopping day in Georgia and so what a great reason (I mean excuse) to go out on the town.. ha ha... No DAD, we did NOT go to Walmart this time.. (was there 2 days ago :)
Anyway the girls and I get to the mall, head to the food court for lunch and as we were deciding on what to get at Chick-Fil-A a camera man and his crew from WTVM (the local news station) stop and start asking if they could interview me... yes me... oh and did I mention I'm so glad I had my shower last night- ha ha ha... anyway, I answered their questions (what we were going to buy today, why were we taking advantage of this tax free shopping time and if we had any concerns)... I answered most questions thoughtfully but I felt he was wanting more.. I wish I was clever and had great quotes like my other blogging friend (dreamsofacountrygirl.blogspot.com) but I don't so I just answered well we need sneakers, shorts, skirts and school supplies... HOW BORING IS THAT!!! Anyway then I said, "no we have no worries, we love crowds it's fun to fit in".... NOOOOTTTTTTTT!!!!!.. what was I thinking? I asked my eldest at lunch, why did I say that, we don't like crowds- i despise crowds... I guess my point is, when a camera is stuck in your face at the spur of the moment- do you speak your mind or try to come up with the right words that might sound good on camera? I did the latter and I just don't know why... oh well.. we'll be on at 6pm if you are in the area and want to check out the interview... oh and after our "hard" day of shopping we had to stop for Dairy Queen on the way home to celebrate narrowing down our shopping needs and being on tv... until next time... stay tuned :)

More pics of family

Here are a couple more pictures I couldn't fit on the last post... My handsome brother with his youngest boy (my cute nephew!!) is in one photo, the other is my sweet sis-in-law with her youngest girl (my cute niece!!) and then the other of my middle child and her cousin giving eskimo kisses (notice how she is trying to look at the camera and make sure she gets "the kiss" done correctly - very adorable :)

A Birthday and family

Katelynn had her 5th birthday on Friday. I know I'm a few days behind in posting pics but we've had a house full. My parents came to visit us this weekend from North Carolina and we had a great time as always. I love their visits so much. I wish they lived next door! Mom and I hit a 150 table yard sale and besides the 90 degree heat we had a nice time rummaging around and found a few bargains :)
Here is some pictures of Katelynn's birthday and of my family gathered at my house this weekend. My brother and his whole crew came for a visit since they live so close now (YEAH!) and all the cousins just had a great time with each other.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Try and try again....

Well today marked the 2nd time this year I have begun a change in my eating habits and exercise. So far so good, cereal for breakfast, soup for lunch and I just put in my new "Biggest Loser" DVD that I got off ebay. My daughters and I worked out with good ole "Bob" for almost 20 minutes and I just couldn't do it anymore. I can already feel the muscles in my arms and legs tightened up from that little workout. Anyway again we shall see how good I can do this time. January 1st I started a "diet" and I did loose 16 lbs, but I gained 10 of it back in the last 2 months since school has been out. Now school begins in 2 weeks, so I'm hoping that once again I can get back on track and make myself healthier and slimmer and happier all the way around. Wish me luck and offer up any bits of advice you wish! Thanks!!

Then & Now

My "BABY" is turning FIVE this coming Friday. It's kind of hitting me hard that she is my baby who is no longer a baby- I know you parents know what I'm saying here! Where does the time go... It started in the hospital when they said she was 8 lbs 15 1/2 oz... I said "are you sure????!!! my babies aren't that big"... but lo and behold, I guess she was taking after her daddy- ha ha! I'm not a great writer so I can't come up with a lot of "neat" things to say, other than I LOVE HER tremendously and I'm so glad GOD decided to bless us with that little surpise! Let me do that little spelling of the name thing and try to come up with ways to describe her for ya- K for kind, A for adorable, T for testy, E for elegant, L for loving- (She LOVES to give me hugs & kisses!), Y for young (sorry that one is boring), N for nice and the last N for nibbly- ha ha... Katelynn we love you and couldn't stand a day without you!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

PTA Pals

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This past weekend I got to do something I never get to do ..a girls only weekend! The annual PTA convention was in Atlanta and I got to attend and took a couple of the new officers for this year.. which also happen to be 2 very good friends of mine. It was a great time and they are just the sweetest. It's so nice to have friends who love ya even after they see you in a swimsuit-- ha ha!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

We are back!!

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We are back from vacation and I'm feeling a little settled again. However tomorrow I'm off to Atlanta for 2 days to go to the annual PTA convention. I wanted to share a few pictures of our trip and actually there are a few more than a few, so I'm going to put it into a slide for ya :) We had a fantastic time, too bad vacations are so short- I could live at the beach in a second! And the girls are growing fins as we speak :)