Friday, February 29, 2008

Redneck Date???

Bill called me and said "hey honey, how about a redneck date".... of course I am thinking well we missed our special anniversary date last weekend so why not try for this weekend... So I called the sitter and she said "YES!!!!" AMEN!! So, although it's not the Olive Garden, we are going out tomorrow night to the race track in Alabama. No, it's not the Daytona 500... it's a DIRT track so I guess that constitutes his description of a "redneck date"??? Anyway, I'll try to take pictures and let you know how it goes. Any date is better than none, right........????? :-)


Anonymous said...

How nice, a date w/hubby...
and who knows you might enjoy the race ?????
I have been to many car shows...many ! But it's not a total loss, he always feeds me and I get some walking in. Most importantly you will be together..enjoy your date and maybe next time, you get to pick the place ?? ha !! CLR

Jonatha said...

That actually sounds like a lot of fun! We love going to races, and it was one of our first outings together as a couple. I hope the babysitter works out for you this time :)