Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Ok, this morning was one of those times when you feel like your babies are leaving the nest, so to speak. Of course mine haven't left the nest, but they've left the womb and they are not too many years away from flying the coop, or is that me that fly's the coop?? ha ha

We have been telling Katelynn (4 years old) for a long time now that her pink blanket needs to go. One time I did manage to take it away (not get rid of it- but hide it) for a whole week, but then I had to go out of town and felt that she definitely would need it while I was gone, so it found it's way back into her hands. A couple months later "pink blankie " got lost in Walmart- I tried and tried to find it and even went back the next day, but no such luck- I guess because of the stains, holes, and smells Walmart didn't feel that it belonged on their shelf and so it must have been tossed. Well the next day Katelynn was telling one of my friends about her "loss" and lo and behold my friend's daughter had the same EXACT pink blankie that she no longer used and offered it to Katelynn-(her's was in MUCH better condition though). So of course Katelynn was in heaven now that she had "her" blankie back again.
Well last night I tried to take it one more time- you would have thought that the world fell in or that an alligator bit her or something (YES can you picture that!!). I have never seen a child cry so badly. Mommy (me) was trying to reason with Katelynn on why this smelly, torn, stained piece of cloth was no longer good and just that at 4 years old she didn't need it. Daddy in the background is giggling because of Katelynn's response and then he gives me this look like "just one more night"... SO, because I must save this child from going to school today with bloodshot eyes and swollen cheeks I give in, but tell Katelynn that she may have this one more night but that is it- absolutely it will go bye bye tomorrow (Today)! She said, "yes mommy, just this night and that is all".
This morning as I was trying to get Rachel out to the bus, fix lunches, etc., here comes Katelynn out of her room, still in her jammies with pink blankie in hand, she turns the corner into the kitchen with the walk of being on a mission, she says "I have something to do and gives the biggest sigh I've heard ever from her", she gets to the trashcan and yes you guessed it... SHE DUMPS BLANKIE IN!!! It took everything I had not to cry. I was both proud of her and sad for her at the same time- do you know that feeling???? If you are a mom (or dad) I'm sure you do. Anyway, I immediately fell to my knees and hugged her and didn't want to let go. By the way- she was totally fine, she said that it was the last night and now it needed to go.... OH MY!! How big and brave she was!
I wish I was prepared for such a morning and had camera in hand, but of course I didn't, so all I can do is blog this to you so you can share in Katelynn's accomplishment and mommy's disbelief.
If you wonder why you spent all this time reading this blog about a blankie- maybe, just maybe it's because you are a mom and you know those moments that touch your heart and soul.
To everyone reading, please have a blessed day and hope for the best at bedtime tonight in this household!


3SonsAreMyLove said...

I understand about the "pink blankie"...

I remember Keegan had blue "bunny-foo-foo" that he carried around everywhere at all times even to nursery school. The teachers finally convinced him to leave "bunny-foo-foo" in his cubby during class time and pretty soon "bunny-foo-foo" became just a part-time companion and then one day he just gave "bunny-foo-foo" up. It made me sad and proud at the same time.

justgottalaugh said...

OK, it's 8:00. How are things going over there?

The Phams said...

I hope the night goes okay! :) How is your fitness plan going?

Jonatha said...

I have a very attached blankie girl as well, but I'm so sad about the day she decides to be a big girl. It is such a part of her! I cried the last time we thought it was lost (it was left in the doctor's office waiting room). Thanks for sharing - there is hope!