Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blankie update

To my friends- YIPPEE!!! We made it!!! When Katelynn got home from school today she said," mom I just want to get my blanket for a minute" and went to the garbage can, I then said, "no, it's yucky now (like it wasn't before ha)" and so she said ok! Then at bedtime, she looked up and said "mom I'm ok if you want to throw away all other blankets, I'm a big girl now and i just don't need it"- then she said oh and I want to be a girl scout when I turn 5. She was asleep in about 5 minutes, no crying- nothing!! YEAH!! Oh and I won't throw away others as they are for warmth- they are not a crutch like that pink one was. Good night!


Kathryn said...

What a blessing that bedtime went so well for you.
Hope ya'll are doing well. This is Kathryn from St. Cloud a friend of Kitty and Jessica. I enjoy checking up on all the old St. Cloud folks via their blogs. God Bless.

justgottalaugh said...

good news and sad at the same time
she's growing up so fast