Saturday, December 1, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

This is what my Thanksgiving usually looks like every year- of course the # of children has continued to grow yearly it seems.
Anyway, as you see my dad with his nice 8 point that he (rescued from the wilderness) on Thanksgiving morning bright and early. I think, no I take that back, I know that is why my home seems to be the stopping point for Thanksgiving dinner every year. See it all starts out with the men rising early to venture into the woods in search of "the big one"... well this year my dad was lucky enough to be blessed with one finding it's way towards my dad's hunting stand/blind. It's about time dad :-)
Next, they come home to clean up and the women are working away in the kitchen. Mom you are my hero because basically you do it all- beginning with driving down here all the way from North Carolina bright and early. I am so lucky to have you on this day with us every year because otherwise we might be hitting the "Country Skillet" for t-day and you know how I feel about that place :-)
Anyway I wanted to send just a few photos of our special day this year. I tried to make it a slide-show but failed to figure out how to do it..... maybe I can get help from sis-in-law on this one :)
One photo is of my brother and I and all our children- yes the 2 of us, have 9 children total! Casey having the majority of that # of course! The other photo is "Nina and Papa" with all those wonderful grandchildren and the other is dad with "his" Thanksgiving gift.
May you all have had great memories of your Thanksgiving like I am blessed to have from mine!


Nina said...

Great pictures! I love coming to your home every year for the Thanksgiving get together, it has become tradition hasn't it? Thank you for hosting us all! I love you, Mom.

justgottalaugh said...

thanks tam for posting the pics. can't blieve all the kids!!! :) i'd be glad to help with the slide show.