Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas already??

OK- This is just a warning- your cards and gifts may be late. I have no idea where this month has went or for that matter where this year has went. Ok wait yes I do- it's went to my new title at school which is PTA President. I have been so busy that my home life has been on hold for a while now. I cleaned my bathroom floor this weekend and found things that well I can't even mention on here... let's just say I can see the grout again and Bill is a very happy man now that the bathroom smells better and shimmers just a bit. I am so glad that the girls are out of school for almost 3 weeks at Christmas because it will also be like a vacation for me, not having to go to school. Don't get me wrong I love doing the volunteer work that I do but it's sooooo time consuming and I've found that it's way more than I wanted to sign up for. Anyway back to the point of this post - I can't believe it's just 10 days till Christmas- I love each of you but wanted to let you know that I'm definitely behind on my "Christmas duties" this year. I just got my cards made up yesterday, now to get them all addressed and mailed .... I hope that doesn't take until next Christmas. On top of this, I took Katelynn to urgent care today and she was diagnosed with pink eye. She's now on antibiotics, and my eye is itching and running, so lets pray that I don't come down with it as well.
HO, HO, HO and Merry Christmas and I hope that you receive my card in time to wish you a fantastic new year... if not... well then here it is... my wish to you for a fantastic new year and a very, very Merry Christmas filled with lots of love and wonderful memories!!


justgottalaugh said...

we can push the date back a little if it would help you out... let's move christmas to feb. instead. sound good :)

ptamom3 said...

HMMMMMM....... Someone I know has a birthday in February :)

justgottalaugh said...

Speaking of you being behind... we got your box yesterday and it wasn't late at all. You did good :) Thank you so much! The kids are coloring in their Build-A-Bear coloring books and Gunner is drawing a pirate in his sketch book. Kelsi LOVED her journal set. Thank you!!!!