Thursday, December 6, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

The girls and I got to visit Fantasy In Lights this year at Callaway Gardens. We went last night and I wanted to share our photos from it. This yearly event is held in Pine Mountain Georgia and it showcases over 8,000,000(8 million) lights throughout the gardens. They are on the golf course, in the trees, on the lakes, on the bridges, etc.. It is a beautfiul site! We took the "jolly trolley" ride through the gardens/lights and it took about an hour to travel through it. Other than being extremely (!!!!) cold, it's a wonderful time and I encourage anyone who has not been before to make the trip and visit. It's just 30 minutes from my house so if you need a place to stay..... :) I'd be happy to make arrangements.

Hope you enjoy the slide. Goodnight!


justgottalaugh said...

yeah! you did a slide show! very nice!!

nina said...

Absolutely beautiful, too bad it was so cold that night. thanks for sharing! Sometime we'll go there together...Love, Mom

Ansbaughmom said...

Great slide show-we have heard wonderful things about that place.