Sunday, December 30, 2007

A good storm

Don't you love a good storm? Last night it began to rain, that nice steady rain that's easy to sleep to. Well after we were in bed, the thunder began- and this wasn't your everyday Florida afternoon thunder, this was a house shaking thunder. It felt like it was sitting right on our roof. One of these booms woke our whole crew this morning and then I laid in my bed and just listened to all the "little voices" coming from the opposite end of the house. What a wonderful noise that is when they don't know you are listening. The little giggles, the soft whispers and then "WOW did you see that crack of lightening"... Finally the lightening and thunder and pouring rain have stopped but the puddles (or should I say the heavy stream) going across the front yard is just a reminder of how thankful we are too have this rain finally in Georgia.
There is not really a major point to this blog, just jotting down my thoughts on the storm and the rain and those oh so wonderful little "noises" you can hear when you really try!
Enjoy your day!

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