Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Update, read all about it :)

OK Jonatha this update is for you.. ha ha... just read your blog so felt inclined to give a quick update myself just for you :)
Thanks for the Celebration idea- Bill and I were trying to think of something "cheap" we could do while in Florida this weekend with the kids and that might just be a good idea- although they see the "real stuff" here usually every year- quite a bit last year. Anyway.. thanks!

Today I am planning on going to 2 class Christmas parties. I have to pick up all the goodies for one of them (pizza, cups, etc) before hand so I have to leave here pretty soon. Also I am going to pick up Breakfast items for all the teachers tomorrow so we (PTA) can treat them before the holidays! My day is pretty busy today but it's also exciting being out and about in the rush of things.

Friday we are suppose to be leaving for Florida for a few days. It might get put off till Saturday though- depends on if Bill can get his work completed on time. We shall see. I'm invited to my first ever "ornament exchange" party tomorrow night- never been to one, but sounds fun. Now I need to go find a cool ornament to share... any ideas??

Only one more gift to buy for my youngest sweetie and I'm all done shopping! YEAH! I have stuck to my "budget" this year when it comes to shopping and spending- didn't over do it, like I always do. So I'm proud about that!

That's all the boring news from this part of town today. Hope everyone is getting in the Christmas spirit and hope everyone (all my 2 fans- ha ha) has a marvelous Christmas with your families!


Jonatha said...

Yay - an update! I am thinking everyone is just tired of blogging - facebook is easier :) The celebration "snow" is definitely a treat - so different! They also have tons of decorations and snack stands around.

Are ya'll coming to this town or the beach? Have fun at all your parties! I did an ornament exchange for the first time this year but mine was through the mail. So fun! And, your news is not boring ;)

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

i never received ur first comment. i promise. it is impossible to offend me. and u have the sweetest spirit i KNOW ur heart is to never be mean.

btw -- i was frustrated....i was watching chrlie brown and someone would not stop takin pics.