Thursday, June 26, 2008

Excitement in the air!!!!

This house is a buzz with excitement as we count down the minutes, hours and milliseconds (is that a word?) until we leave for vacation tomorrow!!
We are headed to NC first to see my oh so wonderful parents and here a wonderful singer on Sunday night (Squire Parsons- he will be there for the Nazarene Camp Meeting), from there we will go to the sunny state of Florida to visit our very favorite hotel/suites and spend 3 days there, from there we travel upstate just a bit to visit with mom-in-law for 2 days and have her home-made country fried steak and gravy! That alone is worth the whole trip to most of my family!
If I can ever get off this blog today my agenda is to: get the laundry done so we can stay clothed for our trip, buy extra dog and cat food so the neighbors can keep them alive for us while we are away, pack 5 suitcases for 9 days of travel, fill the gas tank up (that is the scariest part of the day!!!) and clean this house so we don't have to come back to any messes! The best part is I have 3 little girl helpers, so we're planning to turn off the tv, shut off the computer and turn up the stereo and jam out while we get after all these dustbunnies and such.
OK, that's our plans for today- I know not so fun, but the trip will make it all worthwhile.. I'll make sure I get LOTS of photos to share when we get back.

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