Thursday, May 7, 2009

My mom

A tribute to my mom.....

My mom
- there is so much to say, so I will let it just flow from my heart.
First and foremost, she is the best!
She is a loving, caring, friendly, special, amazing woman who anyone would be happy to know. She is beautiful inside and out!
My mom taught my brother and I the meaning of kindess, to love one another, to treat people with respect, to be fair.
She is and was a great role model as a mother and a wife. There were many times growing up when I didn't know how her patience (for example my brother and I fighting constantly) could take anymore, but she always stuck with what she believed in and what she lived for and that was her family!
My mom is a great friend and has many friends.... who wouldn't want to be her friend!! She's honest, reliable, a great listener, a Christian woman whom we all love and respect!
She has 9 grandchildren now and I'm so glad that I still have her to go to for advice in raising my girls and look forward to the times still ahead when my girls look to her for advice! She is the best at being a grandparent!!
We don't live very near each other anymore & I miss her dearly... she is on my mind more than she knows, especially now at Mother's Day! She is my friend, my teacher, my role model and the best mom ever!!
I love you mom and send all my love on this upcoming Mothers Day!


Anonymous said...

I love you sweetheart, thank you so much for the beautiful tribute. You yourself are a wonderful mom and we are so proud of you and all you do! Continue to be a shining example for your children and they will respect you for it. Love the Lord and follow His rules and you will be the best Mother ever! Have a wonderful Mother's Day! Mom

edenfieldadventures said...

What awesome comments about your mom! I know she is proud of you! Don't they become more special to us the older we get?

Justgottalaugh said...

DITTO DITTO DITTO. She's all that you said and more! We sure are blessed to have such an awesome Nina!