Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Random notes

Last time I was on here I posted my New Year's Resolutions. This one has nothing to do with that, other than to say they aren't going real well.. Some better than others I guess. I started with working out to the Biggest Loser dvd's, but I just can't make myself do it everyday, or even every other day.

I went to Upstate New York a couple weeks ago and it was great to see my extended family and celebrate my grandfathers 80th birthday with him, BUT I also missed my family here tremendously! I got a wonderful welcome home with streamers and posters and screaming little girls when i walked in. I will post pictures soon, but it was one of the most wonderful times I can remember in years!

I've been really busy subbing at school but I love it and am VERY grateful for the work and the friends I have made there!

My beautiful Rachel, has made the final cut for the All State Chorus again this year. She will be performing in Savannah GA the last weekend of February. We are extremely excited and proud of our first born :)

Thanks to my loyal blogger fans for continuing to check it out- I consider you my dear friends and love reading your updates as often as possible. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week full of lots of blessings and fun times!

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laytonfamily said...

I do the Biggest Loser Boot Camp - love it!