Friday, April 25, 2008

JINX? I hope not

I'm probably asking for trouble by just writing this, but we have "scheduled" a date for tomorrow night..Pray, pray hard! Every time we've tried this in the last few months something has come up- children sick, bad weather, babysitter cancelled, whatever.. but this time I'm keeping my hopes up and praying that all goes smoothly!
I won tickets on the radio this week to a concert for an all girl band from Nashville called "Cowboy Crush", before this I'd never heard of them and honestly I still haven't. But I saw their billboard up in town and I checked them out a little on-line. They have opened up concerts for Travis Tritt, Lonestar and more, so I guess they can't be all that bad. Anyway, my husband and I are going to attempt a nice dinner before the concert and then head over to see the big event. We've got pretty good seats too, so again I'm just hoping for the best. I'll try taking some photos to share for later.


Jonatha said...

I hope you finally get a date! By the way - I tried the fried cheesecake you recommended - it was awesome!!!

justgottalaugh said...

OK- you are the inningest person I've ever met!!!
How was the date?

justgottalaugh said...

oops. I meant "winningest".