Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snowy Day In Georgia

The weather man was right, IT SNOWED, however he wasn't totally on top of it. The snow stopped just 10 miles North of my house! After waiting very patiently all day in the house watching out the window for that first flake, getting the girls all dressed warmly and getting out the gloves, hats, etc, even at one point, going outside and doing a "snow chant/dance"... they came up with "we want snow, we want snow, we want snow" over and over and over again... finally mommy and daddy said, "Girls get ready we are going to go ride until we find it"... so that we did, fortunately like I said it was only about 10 minutes or so North of us so we didn't have far to go and boy were the girls thrilled--- and honestly so was I because the "snow chant" was getting a little old!! As you will see in a couple of these photos Samantha and daddy had little snow ball fights and I'll have to say that Samantha's 2 years playing baseball has given her quite the arm.. daddy was "creamed" a couple times, however don't let that fool ya, he got hold of her one last time and well her back is still cold :)

Hope you enjoy the photos.. Happy Snowing!!


justgottalaugh said...

So cool! Great pictures! We're back at your mom and dad's just for the night. There's snow all around and we're supposed to get more in KY in the AM. Miss you!!!

3SonsAreMyLove said...

There's so much love and warmth in this family, it's a wonder there was any snow left at all!

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

i have no has been a crazy week at my husband's job, but that would be his excuse right? yeah, i know still no excuse. your box is in my car addressed and ready to mail. i swear as god as my witness, i shall mail today. i promise. probably. 9btw, we added some extras, my daughter sent each one of your daughters a (used) SMALL gift. country girl